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Looking for a second hand boat.

I am looking for a second hand boat in a good shape. Basically that would mean a boat which has no major repair work done on the vessel on the engine is in a good shape. Being a Automobile engineer I can very well take care of the engine part. I ll just have to look in to the vessel carefully.

Last time I went to the boat dealer for something like this was more than a year ago when I had to purchase a mid sized boat for one of my dear friends. I was amazed at the quality of the work done to conceal the repair of the vessel. Only an expert could make it out. That makes buying a boat from a dealer a risky business unless you know what you want and what you are doing. Have to be careful at that. He finally managed to get a good one at a reasonable price, he is happy with it, the boat is serving him well with no major expenses.

Now if I consider other options what do I have, some of my friends have boats but I don’t know if anyone would be selling one. Not from anyone I know. Actually I am avoiding going to a dealer because of my past experience. So It would be best if I could get something good from my own network of friends and acquaintances. I hope I just have to get a message across. I ll be tweaking the engine for a good performance and let it go for rental, This is just a testing stage for this business I wanted to start up if things start to work out I will be going for boat loans. There is a good demand for boats as we are blessed to be at a place where tourists love to spend a leisurely time. I will see if I can find a good second hand boat for the things to get started.

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