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Crypto Currencies Are Changing The World

Things are changing fast in financial world. Crypto currencies are everywhere. It all started with Bitcoin and now its all over the place. Bitcoin prices are increasing every day. People are investing in Bitcoin and all other alt coins. It shows with the daily trade volume. Millions of dollars worth of daily trades.


Who predicted this? And who knows where it will go. This is new world and I think, it is still in its early stages. It will only grow in the future. Decentralization is where world is moving. Anyways, if you already know about Bitcoin, you know what I am talking about.

If you still don’t know what bitcoin is, you can get more information on Coindesk. I am also surprised at how many new business opportunities have come up with these currencies. All these opportunities where simply non – existent a couple of years ago.

You can go for Bitcoin and alt coin mining – Mining used to be a profitable affair some time back. And I personally know people who have banked from it. It still can be profitable but now you have to operate a much larger scale to reap the benefit of economies of scale.

Then there is trading of alt coins- Bitcoin is like the big daddy of them all, somewhat like US dollar. There are exchanges where you can buy and sell other coins with BTC. A lot of people make their daily trades and earn profits from them

Then you have business opportunities attached to such coins. There are multilevel marketing companies which are getting into this business with big money. One of such companies is Bitsolives MLM. They are going to hit a homerun

Then you have ICOs which is also being used as a tool to raise funds by some of the start ups.

These are exiting times for Fintech firms and it will be pretty interesting to see where things will move.

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