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Cooking is my new passion

Its been a long time since I posted on this blog, things have changed a lot since that time so I totally forgot about it. Well I have some new interests and hobbies to persue besides my businesses and investments. One of my new passions is cooking. I have been doing some really good things with it. I started with easy stuff but when I really got into it, i started to enjoy this.

I feel this is an art everyone should learn, it is a form of expression as well. The other day I was looking at things for my new kitchen which I have completely redesigned. I wanted a good food processor and I got to this site here . Finally got a nice one for my kitchen. It can do a lot of things amazingly well.

I am loving my new passion and I will be posting more of these posts regarding my interests and hobbies. In the past few days I have splurged on food processors, coffee machine and a nice cooking range as well. Next week I have a party for my daughter’s birthday and I am all prepared for this.

Thank you everyone for reading this and I am open to your comments.

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