Its been a long time since I posted on this blog, things have changed a lot since that time so I totally forgot about it. Well I have some new interests and hobbies to persue besides my businesses and investments. One of my new passions is cooking. I have been doing some really good things with it. I started with easy stuff but when I really got into it, i started to enjoy this.

I feel this is an art everyone should learn, it is a form of expression as well. The other day I was looking at things for my new kitchen which I have completely redesigned. I wanted a good food processor and I got to this site here . Finally got a nice one for my kitchen. It can do a lot of things amazingly well.

I was planning to start a new business of renting out boats for recreation and for commercial use as well, dividing into two different segments. This would cater to two different set of clients. We have boats which are used for fishing in our area and there are tourists coming over almost all through the year. So I plan to go for the first section which is to rent out boats for recreation. This would require me to have atleast 2 medium sized boats which are in a good condition. This business depends on the kind of services you can provide rest depends on your marketing skills. A good service definitely increases your goodwill which is of great value.

Now I have arranged for some finances. I had some savings to buy one boat but I will keep them to fund my running cost which includes the managing part of it. I will be going for boat loans on both the boats and they will be brand new ones. Getting some reliable people is the tricky part. I don’t want people who are not committed to their work. I don’t really trust people easily and I hate people who have a casual attitude towards work. In the past few years I have met so many people like this that I have to be really careful about getting the right people. From the calculations I made I will be needing a staff of 7 to 8 people right from the start.

I wanted to get a round kitchen table for my home. I have been using a kitchen table since a long time but my old table needed a replacement sop I had to get a new one. This is one piece of furniture I use regularly when I have to work while sipping at coffee. Its amazing how many memories get attached to these things. I have had countless conversations on this table for the last 8 years.

That’s makes for a quality time with my wife who accompanies me at the table most of the time. There are many different shapes I could choose from but a round kitchen table always works best for me. I feel more comfortable sitting at a round table rather than a square shaped one.